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CASPER was born a ward of the state and lived in the foster care system until his mother regained custody of him at the age of fourteen. Casper soon began going to Christopher Street where he explored his bi-sexuality. He quickly became a familiar and comforting face on the piers but was unfortunately and quite mysteriously run down by a car and killed in the middle of the making of this documentary.

"We are totally transfixed by Pier Kids: The Life."
"Pier Kids is already proving to be as raw as an open wound, a film that is at once provocative as it is necessary."
"Here are the descendants of the people in Paris is Burning, depicted by someone who's lived the madness and can relate, first-hand, why this is an important New York story and an important American story."
— Jennie Livingston, director of PARIS IS BURNING
"Pier Kids is an important documentary that tells the stories of the people who are often voiceless."